Pinneke Tjandana

Professional Biography

Ms. Pinneke Tjandana received her B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington in June 1997; her areas of specialization were communications and Digital Signal Processing (DSP). She joined Neda Communications immediately following her graduation, and has remained with the company until the present.

As an early member of a small but highly innovative company, Pinneke has had a unique opportunity to participate in a broad range of company operations. She has been exposed to various cutting-edge tools and technologies, and has accepted a number of diverse responsibilities.

She is the primary administrator of a multi-site, heterogeneous network including workstations and servers running Linux and Windows operating systems. She is responsible for system-wide installation, maintenance and upgrade, including installation of operating system software, maintenance of backups, and maintenance of computer hardware, peripherals, and application software.

She is the primary website administrator for more than a dozen websites, all running Apache web server software. In addition, she participated in implementing the active website functionality of the My.ByName website using open-source tools such as Jakarta/Tomcat, Apache, and Velocity. She has also helped to create website content; for example she has done the graphic design for most of the sites.

She has made important contributions to our OSMT (Open Services Management Tools) toolset. OSMT is a collection of tools that consistently manage Unix, Linux and Windows systems. She has analyzed and made numerous enhancements to the OSMT modules and is now responsible for maintenance of this software.

As a result of her in-depth technical experience and broad understanding of company operations, Pinneke has become an indispensible member of the Neda team.

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